Special Tour Group Visits WWWB

Special Tour Group Visits WWWB

STV tour group
A group of local seniors took a tour of CBC’s Charlotte WB affiliate.

STV on Charlotte’s WB regularly allows schools, YMCA camps, Boy & Girl scout troops and others to tour our facility and see how a TV station operates and serves our community. We recently had the unique opportunity to lead a local seniors group called the “Keen-agers” on a tour of the stations.

They were a spirited group; fascinated by the new digital technology and amount of energy and work it takes to bring them the programming they enjoy so much.

The group was especially impressed with the efforts to reach our children through STV in our community outreach to children through education. They previewed new PSA’s created by area kids for local kids teaching others friendliness, respect and manners through the STV mini-grant program.

David Abernathy, leader of the Keen-agers exclaimed at the conclusion of the tour, “That was much better than our CNN tour!”

Thanks to STV Coordinating Producer Dan Kerby for this capcom story and photo.

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