Bulls Produce 2002 Season Pocket Schedule In Spanish

Bulls Produce 2002 Season Pocket Schedule In Spanish

Los Totos de Durham
The Durham Bulls (Los Toros de Durham) have produced a Spanish-language pocket schedule for the first time ever.

CBC is reaching out to the Triangle’s Hispanic community in yet another way. The Durham Bulls, for the first time ever, have produced a pocket schedule totally in Spanish. The new pocket schedules appeared on the scene on June 5, 2002, and provide Spanish-speaking fans easier access to the Bulls.

The Bulls realize that the Triangle’s Spanish-speaking citizens are baseball fans, too. Signage around the ballpark now includes Spanish as well.

“Baseball has a rich tradition in Central America and the Caribbean,” said Durham Bulls General Manager George Habel. “We wanted to make sure that our growing Latino community feels welcome at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.”

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