Microspace VP Speaks at SATELLITE 2002 Conference

Microspace VP Speaks at SATELLITE 2002 Conference

Joe Amor
Microspace GM Joe Amor talks of the need for greater simplicity in the satellite business.

(The following is a portion of an article written by James Careless)

Are you baffled by buzzwords like IP and DVB, let alone understanding how they’re related to satellites and businesses? Then you should have been at “Show Me the Money: IP & DVB Satellite in the Corporate Portfolio.” Part of the Global VSAT Forum, the Wednesday afternnon session dispelled the haze around these acronyms and gave solid examples of businesses using IP/DVB today.

First the terms: IP is short for “Internet Protocol,” while DVB stands for “Digital Video Broadcasting.” So what does this mean to clients? Beyond serving as a solid platform for point-to-multipoint satellite transmissions, not much. “Nor should it,” said Joe Amor, Vice President and General Manager of Microspace Commuinications, Inc.

“We as an industry, have made using the technology too difficult,” Amor told delegates. Instead of confusing customers with acronyms and jargon, he argued, satellite service providers should focus instead on the benefits of satellite, point-to-multipoint transmission: namely coverage, reliability and cost.

To prove his point, Joe Amor explained how Microspace provides satellite service for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. His message was simple: whether for data or video, IP/DVB allows Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to simultaneously transmit the same content to hundreds of sites affordably and reliably.

Thanks to Microspace’s Greg Hurt & Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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