New cXp Episode To Air In August

New cXp Episode To Air In August
“Yelling I Love You” To Debut Saturday

WRAL-TV’s award winning original program will hit the airways with a new episode on Saturday, August 17, 2002, at 10am. The cXp series has aired in its entirety throughout the summer and culminates with the new episode, “Yelling I Love You.”

Series Director, writer and producer Dan Oliver explains, “[The episode is] about something that I don’t think any WRAL kids’ show has dealt with before: the death of a main character.”

He came up with the idea several years ago from his wife, who teaches middle school. “A student of hers died suddenly, unexpectedly of a heart condition and it really shook the whole school,” he said. “She suggested that cXp could do a story about how adolescents react to the loss of a classmate.”

Recently, Oliver remembered the idea and got some advice on the script from his wife, Julie, and made it happen.

“Writing can often be a slow process, but for some reason this one just flowed,” Oliver explained. “One thing I knew from the very beginning was that the first part of the program should be about something else, that the audience should think it was a different story and then suddenly at the end of Act One a character would die and that would change everything.”

Oliver said that the cast rose to the occasion of such a difficult topic and pulled out one of their best performances yet.

“I hope you’ll watch,” said Oliver. “I won’t tell you it’s ‘inspiring’ or about ‘the triumph of the human spirit’ because it’s not. It’s about people dealing with a tragic loss. But it is a moving story and I think you’ll be glad you saw it.”

“Yelling I Love You” will also re-air on Saturday, August 31st at 7:30pm.

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