CBS Opens Fall Television Season On Top

CBS Opens Fall Television Season On Top

WRAL-TV’s mother network, CBS bested powerhouse NBC to win the first week of ratings for the fall television season. During the opening week last week (September 23 – 29), CBS averaged 13.9 million viewers with a 9.1 rating, 15 share, while NBC trailed with 13.4 million average and ABC pulled in a distant third.

Nielsen Media Research
Top Ten Shows (Sept 23 – 29)
1. Friends NBC 20.3
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS 18.2
3. ER NBC 16.9
4. Everybody Loves Raymond special CBS 15.3
5. CSI: Miami CBS 14.9
6. Everybody Loves Raymond CBS 14.7
7. “Frasier” NBC 14.1
8. Will & Grace NBC 13.9
9. “Scrubs” NBC 13.9
10. “Monday Night Football: St. Louis vs Tampa Bay” ABC 12.5

CBS ranked high with popular returning shows “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Survivor” and the new blockbuster “CSI: Miami,” spin-off of the hit “CSI.” CBS had a total of 13 shows in the top 30 Nielsen Media Research weekly ratings; NBC had 12, and ABC had 5.

Specifically at WRAL, “CSI: Miami” on Monday night debuted with a 16.6 rating, 25 share, winning the time period and improving the time period delivery by 84% over last year in the WRAL viewing area. “CSI” ranked as the #1 show on Thursday night with a whopping 19.7 rating, 27 share, outperforming the “Friends” hotly-anticipated premiere (15.2) and the “ER” premiere (13.2). The hot new drama “Without a Trace,” also on Thursday, debuted ahead of “ER,” delivering a 13.3 rating.

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