Construction Begins on Replacement WKFT Tower

Construction Begins on Replacement WKFT Tower

tower collapse
The former tower collapsed when hit by a plane in March.

On Tuesday, November 19, 2002, Kline Steel & Tower Company constructed the first 120 feet of the new tower for WKFT near Fayetteville. A small plane hit and destroyed the original tower in March of this year. The tower belonged to Capitol Broadcasting Company, which is erecting the new one.

Kline Steel & Tower manufactured the new tower, the same company who built CBC’s two towers near Raleigh and its one tower in Charlotte. The construction on the WKFT tower will take 10 to 12 weeks and the finished height will be 1,700 feet.

WKFT leases the tower for its analog station, channel 40, and its digital station. The antenna for the station is temporarily on one of CBC’s towers outside of Raleigh.

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