CBC Represented on Roster for New Leadership Triangle Class

CBC Represented on Roster for New Leadership Triangle Class

Tom McGuire
AJFF’s Tom McGuire
Paul Pope
CBC’s Paul Pope
Pam Saulsby
WRAL-TV’s Pam Saulsby

Leadership Triangle will begin its “Will You Lead I” program for the winter of 2003 on Wednesday, January 29, and three CBC associates will be on the roster. WRAL-TV Anchor Pam Saulsby, CBC Vice President of Community Relations Paul Pope and AJ Fletcher Foundation Executive Director Tom McGuire will be members of the first class of Leadership Triangle’s 11th season.

A total of 28 participants were selected from a wide array of companies and organizations across the Triangle. “Will You Lead I” will focus on its theme of interconnectedness. As John Muir stated, “When you try to pick out something by itself, you find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” Throughout the classes, the program will strive to build “bridging” leaders who will develop “bridging relationships.”

The program kick-off on January 29 will consist of a full-day orientation complete with a reception of Leadership Triangle alumni, sponsors and community supporters at the Center for Dramatic Art in Chapel Hill. Other topics during the five-month course include “There’s More to Giving Than Writing a Check,” Healthcare in the City of Medicine” and “Unfinished Business-Racism in the Triangle” to name a few. The program will end with graduation and diploma presentations on May 21.

CBC is a major sponsor of Leadership Triangle, a training organization in its 11th year. Leadership Triangle’s overall theme is regionalism and its goal is to ensure the Triangle continues to be comprised of strong local communities working together to preserve and enhance a high quality of life for all residents of the region.

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