WRAL-TV November Ratings Increases Bode Well For February Sweeps

WRAL-TV November Ratings Increases Bode Well For February Sweeps

As the February Sweep period rapidly approaches for 2003, memories of the successes of November 2002 are giving WRAL-TV momentum towards another great book. WRAL-TV soundly won several time slots in November and its newscasts continue to dominate the marketplace.

Highlights of the November book include:

In the 6-7am time slot on weekdays, WRAL-TV came in first with a 22% increase in year to year ratings and a 6% increase in share from year to year. WRAL-TV tied for first in the time period with WTVD during the noon hour weekdays. From noon – 1pm, WRAL was up 16% in ratings year to year, and shares were up 5% year to year.

Understanding Sweeps:
Rating – percentage of the total TV universe during an average minute
– percentage of the people actually watching television during an average minute
Sweeps – four periods during the year when Nielsen Media Research measures viewership for both households & demographics. They occur in February, May, July & November.

Looking to the evening weekday newscasts, WRAL-TV was the clear winner for the time period for the 5pm, 5:30pm and 6pm newscasts. For the 5-5:30pm slot, ratings were up 33% year to year and shares up 26% year to year. The ratings in the 5:30-6pm slot were up 31% year to year and shares up 23% year to year. The 6-6:30pm newscast had ratings up 19% year to year and shares up 18% year to year.

WRAL-TV sister station WRAZ-TV, FOX50 outperformed rival WLFL with the 10pm weekday newscast in November 2002. Ratings for the FOX50 newscast were up 24% year to year and shares up 25% year to year.

Finally WRAL-TV won prime time Monday – Saturday 8-11pm and Sunday 7-11pm with a ratings increase of 8% year to year and a shares increase of 17% year to year. WRAL’s half-hour newscast at 11pm tied for first in its time period with a 19% increase in ratings year to year and an 18% increase in shares year to year.

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