Bulls Report Contributions to Community

Bulls Report Contributions to Community

Wool E. Bull
Wool E. Bull & the Durham Bulls pride themselves on giving back to their community.

With the conclusion of the 2002 season last fall, the Durham Bulls celebrated another year of commitment to the community. End of the year numbers are now available and the Bulls can proudly announce they have contributed a total of $250,000 in cash last year to Durham-based organizations, they have assisted other organizations in raising $400,000, and have given $40,000 in tickets to non-profits.

One way the Bulls help organizations raise funds is through its concession stand program. Non-profit groups run the concession stands at the ballpark during games and receive the proceeds. In 2002, 25 organizations raised $166,710.44. Some of the groups included the NC East District Civitan Club, Athens Drive High School Band, James Shepherd Serotoma Club and the Support Our Schools, Inc. Durham.

During the 2002 season, the Bulls also worked towards a new goal for the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League. The ball club raised $250,000 for the “Field of Dreams,” a plan to renovate two baseball fields in North Central Durham. The fields will be used by the DBYAL, an organization created in 1994 to bring organized baseball to Durham’s inner city youth free of charge. The $250,000 puts the Bulls halfway to their goal for the project.

“The growth of Durham Bulls Baseball over the past 100 years is entirely the result of the strong support we receive from the Triangle Community,” said General Manager Mike Birling. “We have an obligation to serve this area not only as a venue for entertainment, but also as a leader with community involvement.”

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