WRAL-TV’s “Tangled Lines” Explores Fishing Along NC Coast

WRAL-TV’s “Tangled Lines” Explores Fishing Along NC Coast

WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie and Chief Photographer Richard Adkins have put together another of the station’s original documentaries. “Tangled Lines” will air on Saturday, March 8, 2003 at 7pm on WRAL-TV.

“This program chronicles the growing conflict between commercial and recreational fishermen along our coast,” explained Leslie, who wrote and produced the documentary. “We tell viewers which fish species are in trouble and what can be done to bring them back. We cruise Pamilico Sound with state regulators as they bust an illegal shrimp trawler.”

“Tangled Lines” also compares North Carolina’s fishing regulations to those in other states, looking at possible saltwater fishing license for recreational anglers and finding out why commercial fishermen are against it.

Shot in high-definition, “Tangled Lines” will air simultaneously on WRAL-DT. Adkins worked as videographer and editor for the 30-minute documentary.

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