CBC President & CEO Now NCAB Hall of Fame Member

CBC President & CEO Now NCAB Hall of Fame Member

Jim Goodmon
CBC’s Jim Goodmon honored his grandfather and three uncles inducted into the NCAB Hall of Fame before him.

The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters (NCAB) inducted CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon into its Hall of Fame at a banquet on Sunday, April 13, 2003, at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill. During the evening event, two other area legends were inducted along with Goodmon, including Babb Communications President Jim Babb and Correspondent Charlie Rose.

Goodmon joined several family members on the role of the NCAB Hall of Fame. His grandfather, A.J. Fletcher, the founder of CBC, received induction in 1975. Uncles Fred, Frank and Floyd Fletcher were inducted in 1982, 1984 and 1989, respectively.

Curtis Media Group President & CEO Don Curtis introduced Goodmon at the gathering. “Everything Jim Goodmon has done has been before its time,” said Curtis. “If there were a Jim Goodmon Fan Club, I’d like to be President.”

Don Curtis
NCAB Hall of Fame Don Curtis introduced Goodmon.

Another presenter, VilCom President Jim Heavner, said of Goodmon, “He is as true to the concept of community service as anyone I know.”

In accepting the induction, Goodmon recognized his family members in the NCAB Hall of Fame and their legacy. “I am very proud of my family and the people I work with at CBC,” he said. Comparing broadcasting to baseball, Goodmon said, “We need a new pair of spikes. Digital television is a whole new era, and we are fortunate enough to experience it.”

He also spoke out against the possibility that the Federal Communications Commission will lift the media ownership cap, allowing large corporations to consolidate large blocks of the media. “The common thread between all of us up here [the NCAB inductees] is local ownership. THE most important ruling of the FCC is upon us now. How can anybody think less ownership is better?”

Several other CBC’ers are NCAB Hall of Fame members as well. Long-time WRAL-TV Anchor Charlie Gaddy received induction in 1994, Sports Reporter Ray Reeve in 1971, WRAL-TV Farm Reporter Ray Wilkinson in 1990 and former WRAL-TV News Director and editorialist Jesse Helms in 1993.

Initiated in 1970, the NCAB Hall of Fame recognizes and honors people who have contributed to the broadcast industry in the past or over an extended period of time.

The NCAB is a statewide organization representing more than 300 broadcasting executives and business managers in industries that support broadcasting operations. WRAL-FM General Manager Ardie Gregory is currently the President-Elect of the NCAB.

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