Goodmon Featured on Success Today Website

Goodmon Featured on Success Today Website

Success Today featured an interview with CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon during the week of May 19, 2003. The site posted an audio of the question and answer session as well as biographical information about Goodmon.

The almost half-hour interview with Goodmon focused on his testimony before the Senate Commerce committee about the the Federal Communications Commission’s probable deregulation of the media.

“The FCC has set a path for media consolidation that I think would be very harmful to the country and will eventually eliminate localism and local broadcasting,” said Goodmon. “I’ve given up on convincing the FCC so I’m focusing on taking this to Congress.”

Goodmon also discussed the renovation of American Tobacco in downtown Durham, regionalism, Smart Start, the Durham Bulls and a suggested excise tax on cigarettes.

Calling itself America’s Technology Show, Success Today seeks to highlight “interesting people doing incredibly interesting things right in the Triangle” and “give them a microphone.” Sig Hutchinson conducts the interviews and hosts the programs.

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