WRAL Enhances Relationship with N&O Through Weather

WRAL Enhances Relationship with N&O Through Weather

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, WRAL-TV Chief Meteorologist extended his reach across the Triangle. The front page of the News & Observer announced that the paper will now feature Fishel’s WRAL weather forecasts.

The new weather page includes the morning, midday and afternoon forecasts, the five-day outlook, a daily question from readers for Fishel and tides, moon phases, UV forecasts & beach and mountain outlooks. WRAL-TV handles the local forecast.

WRAL-TV and the News & Observer have been working together on several ventures in the past months. Headline Sunday, a half-hour news program broadcast and produced by WRAL-TV, features WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree and N&O Executive Editor and Senior VP Melanie Sill as hosts. Also, each evening on the 11pm WRAL newscast, anchors tease stories to be in the following morning’s edition of the N&O. Reporters from the newspaper also give information about the stories from the N&O newsroom.

The synergy between WRAL-TV & the N&O demonstrates how cooperation can exist between the print and broadcast media without both being owned by the same company. The Federal Communications Commission is set to rule on deregulating much of the media industry and lifting bans on cross-ownership by the same corporation in one market.

CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon has referred to this partnership many times in his arguments against de-regulating the industry and allowing such sweeping ownership. He has testified before Congressional committees and an FCC hearing about the issues. The FCC is currently set to hand down their rulings on June 2, 2003.

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