WRAL’s StormTrack 2003 Gets You Ready for the Hurricane

WRAL-TV logo WRAL’s StormTrack 2003 Gets You Ready for the Hurricane

StormTrack 2003 Special Airs Friday, June 6 at 7p.m.
StormTracker 2003 Hurricane Survival Guide in The N&O Saturday, June 21

Stormtrack 2003Does history repeat itself? When talking about hurricanes in North Carolina, it’s a certainty. North Carolina and Florida experience more hurricanes than any other state, and all indications are for above-average activity this season. WRAL’s StormTrack 2003, airing Friday June 6 at 7pm in high definition television, helps you get ready for the storm.

WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel and anchor Pam Saulsby host the special which explores the history of hurricanes in North Carolina, the number one cause of death due to hurricanes, and hidden dangers of hurricanes like critters and chainsaws. From storm prediction at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, to Search and Rescue with the Coast Guard, see how various agencies prepare to help you.

“We’ve been fortunate the past three years to not have a hurricane or tropical storm hit North Carolina. However, all predictors for the 2003 hurricane season indicate above-average storm activity in the Atlantic basin,” says Leesa Moore Craigie, Executive Producer of StormTrack 2003. “It only takes one storm to have a devastating impact and we want our viewers to be prepared.”

Another resource for storm preparedness is the StormTracker 2003 Official Hurricane Survival Guide from WRAL and The News & Observer. With evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers and safety tips, StormTracker 2003 puts everything you need right at your fingertips. Look for your StormTracker 2003 Official Hurricane Survival Guide in the Saturday, June 21 edition of The News & Observer.

Thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, sponsor of the StormTrack 2003 Hurricane Special. Thanks also to Trane and McDonald’s, sponsors of the StormTracker 2003 Official Hurricane Survival Guide.

Thanks to WRAL-TV Creative Services Director Cindy Sink for this capcom story.

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