Oliver Wins Another Gabriel Award

WRAL-TV logo Oliver Wins Another Gabriel Award

Dan Oliver
WRAL Producer Dan Oliver

WRAL-TV award winning Producer Dan Oliver tallied up yet another trophy for his original series, centralXpress.com. Oliver recently received a Gabriel Award for the episode “Yelling I Love You.”

Oliver won in the Children’s/Local category for the final cXp episode about the sudden death of one of the series’ main characters, Cameron, and how the death affects her family, friends and teachers. The win puts him in quality company; the Disney Channel won in the Children’s/National category.

According to the Call for Entries brochure for the 2003 awards, “The single most important criterion of a Gabriel winning program or film is its ability to uplift and nourish the human spirit. A Gabriel-worthy program or film affirms the dignity of human beings; it recognizes and upholds universally-recognized human values such as community, creativity, tolerance, justice, compassion and the dedication to excellence.”

centralXpress.comAll entries are judged on the basis of the ability to uplift/nourish the human spirit; the honesty, depty and clarity of the content; the creative use of imaginative and innovative approaches and techniques; the overall technical quality; the emotional and intellectual impact on intended audience; and its effectiveness in achieving its purposes.

“This episode is one of my two favorites; in many ways I think it’s the best show we did,” said Oliver. “As for whether it ‘uplifts the human spirit,’ I can’t say. I didn’t set out to be uplifting. I set out, quite frankly, to be sad. My goal was to do a show about loss and how different people respond to it. I wanted to surprise and upset the audience and to make them feel the loss as strongly as the characters do. To a large extent, I think we succeeded.”

The Gabriels will be presented on October 18, 2003, in St. Louis.

Oliver is no stranger to the Gabriel Awards. He won two years ago for “The Bomb Threat” episode of cXp and the year previous received a Certificate of Merit for “Suzanne.”

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