Microspace to Capitalize on Growing Demand for Satellite Applications in Civilian Government Market

Microspace to Capitalize on Growing Demand for Satellite Applications in Civilian Government Market

Industry analysts confirm market opportunity, satellite as effective means of disseminating information

Microspace Communications Corporation (Microspace), the operator of the largest business satellite broadcast network in the world, is increasing its government presence by amplifying its sales efforts to meet the demand for satellite services. Specific applications of growing interest to the government market include distance learning, streaming audio/video broadcasting ideal for business television (BTV), high-bandwidth data transmission, transport and storage, and Internet Protocol multicasting. Microspace’s sales strategy is to offer its VELOCITY® satellite service, which enables these applications, as part of a more comprehensive satellite solution through partnerships with systems integrators and fixed satellite service providers.

“It is clear that satellite has proven to be a prime communications delivery mechanism for the government because of the continued increase in demand for bandwidth,” said Microspace Vice President and General Manager Joe Amor. “Satellite offers a secure and reliable solution for a multitude of uses. For over 15 years, Microspace has established a track of successfully delivering on the largest government needs of remote communication, business television and distance learning.”

Ray Bjorklund, Chief Knowledge Officer with noted federal analyst firm FSI adds, “With the formation of the Department of Homeland Security there will be an increased need to train and disseminate information quickly and efficiently to a range of audiences. Satellite offers a means for training this geographically-dispersed work force. ”

A recent report from Northern Sky Research, a satellite industry analyst firm, notes that the demand for increased bandwidth by the government has resulted in the commercial sector actively targeting government markets. Historically, government and commercial end users have maintained different communications satellite systems, but this is no longer the case as these systems are being used equally for government and commercial purposes. Northern Sky concludes that the trend is likely to continue.

Microspace provides services to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (formerly INS) through a partnership with Marshall Communications. Its services also enable companies to serve the needs of FEMA, Department of Energy, US Forest Service, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA Command Center, US Navy and US Army. Microspace’s VELOCITY service is on the GSA/FTS Network Services Contract through Marshall Communications (Contract number GS-00T00NSD0010).

Thanks to Microspace’s Greg Hurt for this capcom story.

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