WRAL’s Saulsby Moderates AWRT Panel

WRAL-TV logo WRAL’s Saulsby Moderates AWRT Panel

WRAL-TV Anchor Pam Saulsby moderated a panel for the T-RTP, a local chapter of American Women in Radio & Television, on Wednesday, April 21, 2004. The panel, the Best Media Buyers Panel Ever, also featured former WRAL Research Director Lori Daily.

Pam Saulsby
WRAL-TV Anchor Pam Saulsby addresses questions to the panel.
CBC group
Representatives from several CBC divisions attended the event.

Held at the Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, the luncheon began at 11:30am. Saulsby posed questions to the group on a variety of topics including challenges in media buying and the attributes of a good sales rep.

“The best sales reps know their property and the property of their competitors,” said Daily, now a freelance media consultant. She continued that the reps should be able to show her what their station has that would serve her client.

Susan Taylor of Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow Advertising said she most wanted “reps that can be creative in the way they work.”

Lori Daily
Former WRAL Research Director Lori Daily participated on the panel.
Pam Saulsby
WRAL-TV Anchor Pam Saulsby tells the group she will be introducing some tough topics.

Timeliness and the restrictions of timelines became big topics for the day.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is time,” said Terry Fowler of MarketSmart Advertising. “There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.”

“All we ask is that you share our sense of urgency,” answered Christi Burnum of Lewis Advertising, her comment in response to the audience question, “What is a reasonable timeline?”

“Sometimes it is a three-alarm fire and sometimes it’s not,” added Daily. “I try to be respectful of that and give you that flexibility if I have it.”

Other panelists included Marie Sutton of Time Warner Cable, Jennifer Barresi of Jennings & Co, and Lanie Seales of Adstreet.

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