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A Tribute by WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams

Jared Meyers
Jared Meyers

“I learned a lesson about not pre-judging a person’s ability or drive.” – WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams.

I will always remember receiving a telephone call from Terri Meyers, inquiring about WRAL-TV Post 5. She told me about her son Jared, who had a learning disorder and she wondered if he could become a member. She knew that he had an interest, but had some concerns. I consulted with Paul Pope, and he advised me that “we don’t discriminate” and our only concern would be his physical safety. “Treat him like you would any other kid” I wasn’t sure how things would work out, given that we had some kids who aced the SAT test. How would we work with his “disability,” how would the other kids interact with him?

After I met him, all of my concerns were answered. He was a bright, enthusiastic young man who just needed “on-hands” instructions. Once we showed him how…he was off, and running. He learned everything we could teach, camera operation, tape editing, technical directing, and became one of the Post leaders. He unselfishly trained the new members the following season. He was a Post member for two years.

We can measure Jared best by reading his bio:

Jared graduated from North Ridge Academy in Raleigh. During his high school years, in addition to his regular academic courses, Jared was involved in Tae Kwon Do, learning the Japanese, Spanish, and Sign languages, Cartooning, art courses at Sertoma Arts Center, and Wake Technical Community College.

Jared volunteered at Camp Royall, a camp for children with disabilities, The Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center, Across All Cultures, and the Developmental Disabilities Support Program, and UNC Center for Developmental and Learning totaling over 500 volunteer hours. He has also made presentations statewide as well as at local conferences and workshops.

Jared was employed part-time at Food Lion Stores. As an author, Jared wrote short stories and created a comic book and digital animated cartoons. Jared’s artwork was sold at auction during the Animazement convention at the Hilton Hotel in Raleigh and was published in a calendar for the Autism Society of North Carolina. He was commissioned to design a logo for UNC at Chapel Hill, Center for Developmental and Learning. He earned a Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do and had a special interest in Culinary Arts. His desire was to become a published Cartoonist.

In 2002, he received a two-year degree from the School of Communication Arts where he studied digital animation. At the time of his passing, Jared was a third year student at North Carolina State University where he studied communications.

Jared was killed in a car accident a few years ago, and his family is honoring his special achievements by dedicating a computer center in his name. The center will be called The Jared A. Meyers Computer Technology Center and will be located at The Longview Center, 118 South Person Street in downtown Raleigh.

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