Bulls Featured In Latest Issue Of Baseball America

Durham Bulls Bulls Featured In Latest Issue Of Baseball America

Baseball AmericaIn May, the Durham Bulls announced the team is the subject of a three-page feature in the latest edition of Baseball America, the premier baseball magazine from the amateur ranks to the major leagues. The feature, titled “9 Innings in the Minors”, covers one complete game from the time the gates open through the post-game fireworks to show fans the behind-the-scenes action in minor league baseball.

“Picking the Bulls for the story was an easy choice for us, and not just because they’re right down the street. We wanted a team that was instantly identifiable to baseball fans, and one that we knew ran a good operation. The Bulls definitely fit the bill on both counts,” Baseball America Managing Editor Will Lingo said, “We had seven reporters and two photographers recording what was going on from about 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., and we still had a hard time keeping up with everything that was going on. The Bulls have a great staff, from the top on down, and not only were we impressed with everyone we saw, but the fans and players we talked to were impressed as well. And I don’t think people realize how hard the employees of a minor league team work, with most of it going on out of sight of the fans. But I guess that’s the point. The fans have a good time with everything happening smoothly in front of them–whether it’s getting a hot dog or on-field entertainment–while behind the scenes it’s a madhouse.”

The story is written chronologically beginning ½ hour before the gates open and finishing with the fireworks show. Each inning covers a different aspect of a Durham Bulls game, including features on Wool E. Bull, conversations with fans, interaction with the crowd and pitchers in the bullpen and more.

The latest issue of Baseball America became available on newsstands the week of May 17th. Fans attending the Bulls game against the Pawtucket Red Sox on May 19th picked up a free copy of the issue upon arriving at the main gates.

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