Ravenscroft Interns Visit CBC

Ravenscroft Interns Visit CBC

Several CBC divisions welcomed students from Ravenscroft High School’s Internship Program during the month of May, shortly before graduation. The high school seniors got to spend time learning about broadcasting and many other careers first hand from CBC employees.

Mark Roberts with Interns
WRAL-TV’s Mark Roberts (right) talks a little traffic with the interns.
Phillip Boyd & Jacob Berton
WRAL-TV’s Phillip Boyd (left) shows Jacob Berton how to move a robotic camera.

The group began their whirlwind tour of CBC on Wednesday, May 12, 2004, at Microspace. They spent every day for the next two weeks visiting the AJ Fletcher Foundation, the Durham Bulls, FOX50, the American Tobacco Campus, WRAL-TV and wrapped up their internship program at WRAL-FM and NCNN. The students learned the finer points of putting together a news program, what kind of sales pitch radio requires and the day-to-day operations of a minor league baseball team among other things.

Robert Wallace with Interns
WRAL-FM’s Robert Wallace (left) tells Mallory Deutsch (center) & Liz Regalia about radio sales.
Chris Thompson with Interns
WRAL-TV’s Chris Thompson teaches the group about weather forecasting.

The Ravenscroft seniors included, Jacob Berton, Drew Boyd, Malorie Deutsch, Matt McGinnis and Liz Regalia. They all graduated from Ravenscroft High School on Saturday, May 29.

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