WRAL’s “Candidates & Issues” Puts the Issues Out Front

WRAL-TV logo WRAL’s “Candidates & Issues” Puts the Issues Out Front

Candidates & IssuesIn a typical campaign season, voters may grow weary of seeing political messages from candidates, many of them very negative and attacking. WRAL’s “Candidates & Issues” aims to provide voters with an alternative way to learn about the candidates, and where they stand on the issues.

The 2004 “Candidates & Issues” campaign begins with issue messages from the six GOP Gubernatorial candidates. Candidates were asked to comment on the top three priorities they hope to address as governor, immigration in North Carolina, and a topic of their choice. Each candidate agreed to guidelines that prohibit them from attacking, or even talking, about other candidates.

“We believe it’s important for viewers to know where candidates stand on issues, and our campaign puts issues out front. It’s a great addition to our regular news and informational programming,” said WRAL-TV News Director John Harris.

The messages can be seen Monday-Friday in WRAL-TV’s 6am, Noon, 6pm and 11pm newscasts and on weekends in the morning, 6pm and 11pm newscasts. The messages will also air on other Capitol Broadcasting Company stations: WRAZ, WJZY, WILM and MIX 101.5. They began airing on June 17 and will end on July 16, just before the primary election. The campaign will continue in the time before the general election in November.

For more information, call John Harris, WRAL-TV News Director at (919) 821-8611.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Cindy Sink for this capcom story.

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