US Army’s Hickman Ends Tour at WRAL-TV

WRAL-TV logo US Army’s Hickman Ends Tour at WRAL-TV

Rob Hickman & Jim Hefner
Major Rob Hickman (left) presents a token of thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jim Hefner.

Major Rob Hickman of the 4th Psychological Operations Battalion at Fort Bragg said farewell to WRAL-TV on Friday, June 11, 2004, after almost 10 months of training. He came to the station as part of the Department of the Army Training with Industry Program (TWI).

Hickman will now serve the US Army in Seoul, South Korea, for a year before settling in at the Media Operations Center at Fort Bragg. His wife, Kristin, will stay stateside in their home in Sanford.

WRAL began collaborating with the US Army on the TWI program in 2000. Each year, WRAL-TV also hosts a quarterly tour of the station for a group of PSYOPS officers. The group tours WRAL-FM as well. In the future, the TWI representative currently interning at the station will conduct the tours. WRAL continually seeks to grow the program in such ways.

Rob Hickman & Jim Hefner
Hickman also presents Hefner with a plaque listing all TWI members since the program began.
Several members of the WRAL-TV team come to bid Hickman good-bye and wish him well.
Rob Hickman
Hickman also receives gifts from the station.

Several WRAL-TV employees joined Hickman for the farewell reception. As part of his parting ceremony, Hickman presented the station with two plaques, one as a thank you for the program and the other a perpetual plaque listing the participants in the program.

Hickman graduated from NC State, growing up in this area watching Uncle Paul and Charlie Gaddy on WRAL-TV, dreaming of someday being at WRAL-TV. The TWI program made that dream come true.

Currently, Staff Sergeant Roger Johnson is also at WRAL in the TWI program through August. Replacements for Hickman and Johnson are slated to arrive at WRAL in September.

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