Support The Achievement School In Everyday Ways

Support The Achievement School In Everyday Ways

The Achievement SchoolThe Achievement School (TAS), supported by the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, helps children with learning disabilities, but did you know there are several ways that you can support the school? Help raise funds for The Achievement School, a private school for grades 1 to 12, by going about your daily business.

August is the time to renew your VIC Card for Together In Education Program. Register your VIC card at Harris Teeter (#4013 for TAS) and when you purchase certain items, TAS will get money back.

Help support TAS through these Participating Programs
Office Depot:
Member Rewards #1103810360 (quarterly)
5% Back to Schools #70062174
Office Max:
MaxPerks for business #2018-00277
Business Rewards #2148157502
Harris Teeter:
Register #4013 on your VIC card
Kroger Plus Card (needs TAS barcode)
Bring in empty ink and toner cartridges to The Achievement School
Bring in your Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education to The Achievement School front office

Other stores offering similar programs include Kroger & Target. Get a special barcode sticker at TAS office for your Kroger Plus Card. Like the VIC Card, your Kroger Plus Card saves you money on groceries and gives money back to the school. Register your Target Credit Card to TAS and the school will receive a percentage of your purchases throughout the year.

Other fundraising programs are listed below. Please check out TAS website for more details on ways to support their mission of helping children with learning disabilities.

Established in 1981, TAS provides these students a highly structured, very personalized context in which to learn. They provide students with opportunities to discover the strengths of their own minds and develop learning styles consistent with those strengths.

Founder Leon Silber retired from his position as headmaster on July 1, 2004. Junell Blaylock, an educator he has mentored throughout his career is coming out of retirement to take over the headmaster role.

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