WILM-TV Hosts Meeting for Local Advertisers

WILM-TV WILM-TV Hosts Meeting for Local Advertisers

WILM Sales Staff with Ged Young
The WILM Sales Staff joined CBS Affiliate Relations Director Ged Young (center).

On Monday July 19th WILM-TV had their up-front meeting for local advertisers. The event was held at Wilson’s, a popular restaurant/sports bar/arcade, in Wilmington. Lunch was served followed by a raffle where the sales staff gave away tons of program goodies, hats, t-shirts, and more.

WILM’s CBS Affiliate Relations Director Ged Young presented a fabulous show once lunch was on the table. The program included a power point presentation showing the tremendous growth of CBS interlaced with video cut-downs of the upcoming new fall shows.

Local advertisers got a look at WILM’s fall schedule.
Colonial Marketing Reps
Representatives from Colonial Marketing attended the event.

The audience was very pleased with the show and the station has gotten excellent responses and comments.

“One advertiser wrote the next day thanking them for lunch and the show. He said that he had much better insight about the new fall shows and felt he could make better informed decisions about his spending for 4th quarter.” said Constance Knox, Station Manager. “After hearing several comments similar to that, we feel our mission is nearly accomplished. Now to the follow-up calls!”

Thanks to WILM’s Constance Knox for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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