New Edit Suite In Service at WILM

WILM-TV New Edit Suite In Service at WILM

WILM Edit Suite
WILM has updated its technological capabilties with a new edit suite.

Walter Knox at WILM-TV has just finished putting the final touches on the station’s newly upgraded non-linear video editing and graphics production suite. This edit suite is primarily utilized for commercial productions in support of the WILM-TV sales department.

The new computer system has extra large hard drives and maximized RAM to allow for much faster video editing with mostly real-time rendering. The video editing software is Premiere Pro 7.0 with Adobe After-Effects Pro used for complex graphics layers and animations. Also installed is Adobe Audition (allowing for multi-track audio creation/mixing and audio for video editing). Other installed software includes a 3D animation program, Adobe Photo Shop CS for graphics as well as other ancillary software programs that allow editing and graphics production to be completed more quickly and with higher quality than before.

The system allows an operator to burn DVD’s directly from the timeline of commercial productions and program cut-downs for sales presentations. “This is a huge plus for the sales department as it really makes for classy presentations when the AE walks into a client with a small DVD player/monitor to show spots or clips of a program.” said Constance Knox, Station Manager.

“We’re in the process of putting all of the station’s new fall shows on a DVD so an AE can quickly chapter step forward to a desired clip with no shuttle time. Our clients are already telling us they love the convenience and visual quality. A clip can be replayed over and over without having to rewind and re-cue. It’s just another way we’re trying to standout professionally in front of our advertisers,” Mrs. Knox concluded.

WILM-TV is anticipating many uses for this new technology in Wilmington.

Thanks to WILM’s Constance Knox for this capcom story & photo.

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