“Lost Generation”: Latest WRAL “Focal Point”

“Lost Generation”: Latest WRAL “Focal Point” Documentary provides in depth look at blacks and criminal justice system

“Lost Generation” is the latest episode of WRAL-TV’s “Focal Point” documentary series. It looks at the disproportionate number of young black men entering the criminal justice system and some of the reasons behind it.

In particular, the program examines the case of Dwight McLean, a 19-year-old man convicted of first-degree murder in October and sentenced to life in prison. It looks at the circumstances and events in McLean’s life that may have helped contribute to where he is today. The program also examines similarities between McLean’s life and that of other young black men who have been convicted.

“Lost Generation” includes interviews with people involved in McLean’s life and in his criminal case. It also includes interviews with psychologists, sociologists, social workers and others who have studied the problem. It examines possible solutions to the problem and profiles the remarkable story of a young black man who escaped the streets and is now trying get at-risk teenagers on the right track in life.

Finally, “Lost Generation” looks at how this problem costs society, in both economic and human terms.

The air date for “Lost Generation” is December 15, 2004 at 7:00pm and will be hosted by WRAL anchor Gerald Owens. Plans are being made for a live forum discussion after the documentary airs.

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