Microspace Welcomes Christian Radio Broadcasters

Microspace now carries channels from the Christian Radio Broadcast industry on its satellites.

How often does a service provider increase their business by adding an entire industry? We think that answer is very, very, rarely. And yet, that’s exactly what Microspace has done. We are very pleased to welcome the Christian Radio Broadcast industry to Microspace’s satellite services!

On February 28, 2005, Microspace successfully launched several dozen Christian Radio channels on its satellite broadcasting network.

Microspace is now delivering programs from ministries including Focus on the Family, Salem Radio Network, Ambassador Inspirational Radio, and Moody Broadcasting Network, just to name a few. This programming is being received at over 1700 radio stations nationwide.

As announced last year, Microspace began executing agreements with the Christian radio broadcasters. There are now 14 broadcasters utilizing the special satellite services built specifically to this industry’s needs. There are dozens and dozens of audio channels delivering programming to thousands of radio stations. And there is room for more.

It took great faith for this industry to make such a significant change to the fundamentals of their ministries. And it has taken the entire Microspace organization to accomplish this industry sweeping change.

“This was a significant accomplishment for the Microspace engineering team,” said Microspace Vice President & General Manager Joe Amor. “These channels were seamlessly transitioned from an alternate satellite provider to Microspace and listeners across the country were not affected.”

Thanks to Microspace’s Joe Amor & Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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