Happy 5th Anniversary to WILM

WILM-TV went on the air March 23, 2000. “When we first went on the air we were working on folding tables as our furniture had not yet arrived. It was quite a day,” said WILM Station Manager Constance Knox. CBC first purchased WILM (then WSSN) in December 1999 and completely moved and rebuilt the station in just 3 ½ months.

Now five years later WILM is a CBS primary and UPN secondary affiliate that continues to grow in the Wilmington market. Now on three major cable companies and DirecTV, WILM reaches approximately 160,000 households and is very competitive in ratings and share. Last month WILM added CBS in HD to the Time Warner Cable system which can be seen on channel 914.

Thanks to WILM’s Connie Knox for this capcom story.

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