Progress Continues on WJZY/WWWB DTV Project

1MV System
The 1MV System is now installed at WJZY-TV.

The mild winter weather worked in WJZY/WWWB’s favor for construction during most of January, February and March. Naturally, the two major exceptions were the two critical days that Harris equipment was delivered. On the first shipment, it rained constantly. For the second shipment, ice fell from the tower and guy cables. The rain and the ice certainly made the work interesting!

The deadline to have the building complete to the point equipment could be moved into it was March 14th. WJZY & WWWB got ahead of schedule and were able to accept the outside Harris equipment on February 28th and finally the rest of the inside components on March 8th. WJZY & WWWB were also able to occupy the building on March 8th – a week ahead of schedule.

Harris supplied an extra person to assist with the installation so the crew was able to install the new WJZY transmitter system very quickly. WJZY Assistant Chief Engineer Ed McKay rented a truck and hauled the old transmission line to ERI in Indiana where it was cleaned, custom cut and inspected. All line is currently installed, enabling sign on at 1MW of power for WJZY DT on March 31st – about two weeks earlier than planned.

The next phase of the operation involves WRAZ-TV/FOX 50. On April 4th WJZY/WWWB’s old Harris transmitter will be disassembled. It has operated and produced 400KW for WJZY for the last couple of years. After disassembly, all equipment will be carefully loaded and sent to WRAZ.

Harris and WRAZ personnel have already begun the preliminary work in Raleigh with the goal that WRAZ will be brought to full 1MW of power no later than June 30th.

Thanks to WJZY/WWWB’s John Bishop for this capcom story & photo.

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