Ken Tanner Pitch Hitting at NC State

Ken Tanner
Former CBC’er Ken Tanner steps in to called Wolfpack baseball games.

Ken Tanner, a longtime CBC’er who started with Capitol 25 years ago in the Farm Department, did some pinch hitting recently. Tanner stepped in as broadcaster for the NC State baseball team at the start of the season this year. Gary Hahn, NC State’s play by play announcer, and Tony Hayes, NC State’s color analyst, were busy finishing up basketball season, and someone was needed to call the baseball plays out at Doak Field. Tanner was the perfect person for the job.

Baseball is no stranger to Tanner. He has worked in the baseball arena for more than 40 years and claims that ‘baseball is his family’ as a result of a lifetime commitment to the sport. Tanner’s career includes being the broadcaster for the Lynchburg White Sox, the Richmond Virginians and the Richmond Braves. Tanner now enjoys part-time employment as one of the three voices heard on the Durham Bulls broadcasts.

When asked how it felt to be among the NC State players after years of working in the minor league, Tanner commented, “You couldn’t find a better bunch of guys. They have exceptional talent, yet they are nothing but gentlemen. The whole experience renewed my faith in today’s youth.”

Filling in for Gary Hahn and Tony Haynes would be tough for anyone as fans expect to hear those two voices over the NC State airwaves, but Tanner was up to the challenge. “I was solo on the air but had a supportive team behind me, parents of the players, the NC State athletic department – everyone stepped in to help me out.”

Thanks to WSM’s Brenda Steen for this capcom story
& to WSM’s Sarah Stoneman for this capcom photo.

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