WRAL-FM’s Karen Cates Graduates from Leadership Triangle

Mix 101.5 logo WRAL-FM’s Karen Cates Graduates from Leadership Triangle
Jim Goodmon, Karen Cates & Sig Hutchinson
WRAL-FM’s Karen Cates (center) receives her Leadership Triangle diploma from CBC’s Jim Goodmon (left) & LT Board Chair Sig Hutchinson.

Leadership Triangle graduated another class from its “Will You Lead I – The Regional Leadership Program” on Tuesday, May 24, 2005, with a CBCer among its ranks. WRAL-FM Sales/Marketing Manager Karen Cates completed the spring program which focuses on regional issues and bringing leadership to those issues.

The 6pm graduation ceremony took place at the Exploris Museum in downtown Raleigh.

“The minute I walked into my first meeting of Leadership Triangle, I knew I was part of a very unique and special opportunity,” said Cates. “The diversity of the market/region in which we live and call ‘The Triangle’ was well represented.  I knew I was about to experience perspectives, agendas and opinion far different from that I experience in my usual daily walk…I did and I absolutely loved it!”

Attendees enjoyed a buffet reception before the ceremony.
Over twenty people graduated with Cates, becoming Goodmon Fellows.

Cates and the other participants in “Will You Lead I” toured a variety of Triangle locations, learning about the arts, human services and much more. One of the day classes brought the group to American Tobacco in downtown Durham, and CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon presented a program entitled, “Let’s get Government back to the People.”

Karen Cates
Cates said of her experience: “I have a new commitment of focus on the future of this region that I have always called home…The Triangle.”  

Audra & Chris Downey
FOX50’s Chris Downey, a Leadership Triangle Board Member, and his wife, Audra attended the event.
Karen Cates
Cates & her fellow classmates culminate several months of hard work at the ceremony.

The group also traveled to The Healing Place for a presentation by AJ Fletcher Foundation President Barbara Goodmon. Participants had lunch with The Healing Place residents and learned about “perseverance, faith and life.”

Other CBC Leadership Triangle Alumni include:

Will You Lead I – Regional Leadership Program
Paul Pope
Pam Saulsby
Rob Hankin
Brian Johnson

Will You Lead II – Personal Leadership Program
Chris Downey
Andrea Osborne
Angie Emerline
Deremia Johnson
Gerald Belton

“As a class we learned about real issues that face us as a region…air pollution, transportation, water quality, arts funding, education, elderly care, social issues, crime,” continued Cates.  “I’m very confident that we approached all of that from very different places.  We learned, laughed, ate great food, agreed, disagreed, traveled the Triangle, stretched (literally and figuratively)…I left the experience with 34 new friends and a network of very impressive people that will have an impact on me personally and professionally for a very long time.”

Capitol Broadcasting Company serves as a major sponsor of Leadership Triangle as do the A.J. Fletcher Foundation, the American Tobacco Historic District & FOX 50. Jim Goodmon, previously a Leadership Triangle Board Chair, will once again become Chair of the organization’s board next year.

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