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Bill & Sheri
WRAL-FM’s Bill & Sheri morning chat is now available via iPod.

Although one of the oldest radio stations in the Triangle, WRAL-FM MIX 101.5 continues seeking out the latest in technology to serve its listeners. In April 2005, WRAL-FM began making Bill & Sheri, MIX 101.5’s morning show, available via podcast, continuing their tradition as technology leader.

A “podcast” is a multimedia file, such as an MP3 audio file, compatible with iPod’s and other MP3 players, made available on the Internet through download or RSS feeds. Subscribers can download the files from a web site, or point their RSS readers to an RSS file and automatically receive updated podcasts.

Using ipodder software or some other RSS reader, MIX listeners can set up their software to check daily for updates of Bill & Sheri podcasts. Those updates are sent to the subscriber, who can then either listen on their computer or load the podcast into their iPod or other MP3 device, taking Bill & Sheri to listen whenever and wherever. Basically, Bill & Sheri On Demand.
WRAL-FM recently launched an update version of its web site,

“Bill & Sheri podcasts, available on MIXonline at, are telescoped versions of Bill & Sheri in the Morning programs,” explained WRAL-FM Web/Computer Network Supervisor Tack Attayek. “We also offer the shows as online streams for those listeners who would rather not save them for later.”

Shortly after the advent of this new feature, WRAL-FM also revamped its web site, offering even more great information and entertainment. Besides the Bill & Sheri podcasts, listeners with an iTunes account can also buy downloads of the most popular songs from the WRAL-FM Playlist to their iPods or other MP3. Listeners can vote for their favorite MIX Playlist songs as well.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Tack Attayek for the information for this capcom story.

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