CBC Makes Check Presentation to Durham Arts Council

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CBC Makes Check Presentation to Durham Arts Council

Check Presentation
CBC presented a check for $50,000 to the Durham Arts Council at a recent Durham Bulls game.

The arts are exploding in Durham and CBC hopes to ignite even greater support with a major gift to the Durham Arts Council. At the Durham Bulls game on April 20th the DAC received a check from CBC for $50,000, the second installment in a $150,000 challenge grant program. The DAC has successfully raised $100,000 in new revenues which triggered Capitol’s most recent contribution.

“The Capitol Broadcasting Company Challenge Grant has inspired DAC to work even harder to grow contributed and earned income and to build organizational capacity and service to the community,” said DAC Executive Director, Sherry DeVries. “The Challenge Grant is a very generous gift and major vote of confidence from a tremendous corporate leader in our community,” said Kathy Bartlett, of GlaxoSmithKline, who is DAC’s Board President. The arts organization is well on its way to raising an additional $100,000 which will prompt Capitol’s final $50,000 gift.

Durham Arts Council“The arts are exploding in Durham! That’s why we are dedicating the Saturday night fireworks show to the Arts Council,” said CBC President and CEO, Jim Goodmon. “Forgive the pun, but this is a great way to ignite support for the arts in our community. The challenge grant is designed to inspire other companies and individuals to join us. As developer of Durham’s American Tobacco campus and owner of the Bulls baseball club, support for the arts is a ‘quality of life’ issue for our company.”

Bulls’ Vice President George Habel presented the check to the DAC staff and officers in a ceremony at home plate. Then, the group led the countdown for the post-game fireworks show.

Thanks to CS’ George Habel for this capcom story & to Suzi Paugh for these capcom photos.

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