Pelicans Featured in Myrtle Beach Newspaper

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Pelicans Featured in Myrtle Beach Newspaper

As the Myrtle Beach Pelicans’ 2005 season draws to a close, the team is garnering positive press on the local scene. Sean Horgan, a staff writer for the Myrtle Beach Sun News, wrote an article entitled “A Community Institution” about the baseball club for the Thursday, August 25th edition of the paper.

“The Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball team has carved quite a niche as an Atlanta Braves affiliate, finding success in this tourist town,” reads the secondary headline. In the article Horgan discusses the allegiance the Pelicans, still a relatively new team in the beach town, have created among the citizens of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.

The article also talks about the positive relationship between the Braves and Capitol Broadcasting Company, the Pelicans’ owner.

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