CBC Drive Brings in Over $200,000 for Katrina Relief

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WRAL-TV 5 logoFOX 50 logoWRAL-FM logo CBC Drive Brings in Over $200,000 for Katrina Relief

With Operation Storm Relief, several CBC stations have raised over $202,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, thanks to viewers and listeners in the Triangle. A joint venture of MIX 101.5, WRAL-FM and WRAL-TV, the fundraiser for the American Red Cross took place on Friday, September 2, 2005 in three locations in Raleigh, Durham & Cary.

Operation Storm Relief
Many Triangle citizens showed up at the three Triangle locations to give money for the American Red Cross to assist Hurricane Katrina victims.
Operation Storm Relief
MIX 101.5’s Sheri Logan & Bill Jordan (center l to r) interview National American Red Cross PR Rep Jana Zehner (left). Zehner had arrived from Baton Rouge the night before and was getting ready to head back to Louisiana that evening to help with the disaster relief. WRAL-TV’s Richard Adkins captured the interview for TV.

MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM collected well over $100,000 donations at Crabtree Valley Mall alone. Children brought the money from their piggy banks. One lady who couldn’t drive took a cab to drop off her $500 donation. A little boy decided to donate the money he was going to use to go to Carowinds over the weekend. The outpouring of love and compassion was overwhelming.

Operation Storm Relief
WRAL-TV & MIX 101.5 personalities lined up to accept drive-thru donations at Operation Storm Relief.
Operation Storm Relief
Children brought their donations as well.
David Crabtree & Jim Kelly
WRAL-TV’s David Crabtree (left) & MIX 101.5’s Jim Kelly interview one another for the drive.

“Many people who dropped off their donations stopped to talk to MIX volunteers about their family members in Louisiana and Mississippi; some had been in touched with their loved ones, others had not,” said WRAL-FM’s Paige Ellis. “Everyone was very grateful for us being out there and making it easy for people to donate.”

FOX 50 donated the first $1,000 and issued a challenge. FOX 50 had two tickets to the Carolina Panthers home opener on Sunday, September 11th against the New Orleans Saints.

“We challenged anyone to match or exceed our donation and we’d give them the tickets,” said FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe. “A couple of people gave us $1,000 checks but declined the tickets, saying let someone else use them. A few hours later a couple from Durham gave us a check for…$2,500! It was a great day!”

All the funds collected will go to the American Red Cross to aid in Gulf coast relief efforts.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Loretta Harper-Arnold, WRAL-FM’s Paige Ellis & FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe for this capcom story. Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Leesa Moore-Craigie & WRAL-FM’s Paige Ellis for these capcom photos.

POSTED: September 8, 2005

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