CBC Named To Carolina Parent’s Top 40 Family-Friendly List

CBC Named To Carolina Parent’s Top 40 Family-Friendly List

Carolina ParentCarolina Parent recently released its annual list of the top family-friendly workplaces in North Carolina, and Capitol Broadcasting Company has made the list for the first time. The N.C. Family-Friendly 40 salutes forty companies “for their creativity, commitment and, in particular, their investment in making the work/life balance easier for North Carolina families.”

The magazine honored CBC at a noon luncheon on Monday, September 26, 2005 at the Embassy Suites in Cary.

Tom Normanly & Carter
WRAL-TV employee Tom Normanly plays with his son, Carter, at a company party for kids.

“In short, these companies invest in their people,” said the Carolina Parent article about the list. “In return, their people provide value for their investment.”

Carolina Parent covers the state of North Carolina with three publications, one in the Triangle, one in the Triad and one in the Charlotte area. The UNC-Charlotte management department selected the 40 winners based on employee testimonials and the family-friendly benefits offered by each company.

Renee Saddler
AJFF employee Renee Saddler gets a chance to introduce her kids to Santa at a company event.

“It says a lot about a company when not only management is supportive, but that individual employees, even those not in my department, are excited about and supportive of my opportunity,” wrote Corporate Communication Specialist Andrea Osborne in her testimonial for the nomination. She now works part-time from home since the birth of her first child last September. “I’ve never gotten a negative attitude or different treatment from one employee from the top of the food chain to the bottom since I began working from home.”

WRAL-TV Broadcast Designer 2 Tara Glandorf shared her personal story as a testimonial for the nomination. She delivered her twins, Aiden & Olivia, 14 weeks early in September of 2004. She and her husband, WRAL-FM Radio Music Director Jim Kelly, spent three months back and forth to the hospital where the babies remained in intensive care.

Dave Lyles family
WRAL-TV employee Dave Lyles enjoys a fun afternoon with his family at the annual CBC picnic.

“In January the twins came home,” she said. “I had used all my leave, but CBC let me take another month. Once home we realized our babies were going to require more care than the normal full-term newborn. My supervisors have worked with me to create a flexible schedule which lets me spend most days at home working with the twins. My husband also has some flexibility in his schedule.”

Glandorf summed up the reasons CBC should be named to the Family-Friendly 40 list: “I am truly one of the luckiest moms I know. I love what I do, I love working for CBC, I love what this company stands for and I love being a mother.”

N.C. Family-Friendly 40 List
The following feature about CBC appears in the list published in Carolina Parent‘s September 2005 issue:

  • Capitol Broadcasting Company
  • Twelve locations in North Carolina
  • Employees: 526 worldwide, 435 in N.C.

According to two moms who work there, Capitol Broadcasting Company is all about family. Describing great benefits, supportive managers and superior professional opportunities, the women praised the company’s commitment to its employees and to the greater community.

Andrea Osborne, a corporate communications specialist and writer, works part-time from home. “I am the luckiest woman I know,” she says. “I get to continue doing a job I love while being with my new daughter; that privilege makes me want to work all the harder for CBC.”

Her co-worker, Tara Glandorf, tells a similar story. Following the premature birth of twins, Tara and her husband, who also works for CBC, were encouraged to take all the time they needed to tend to their growing family’s needs. “We were never given a hard time. Never punished and never felt like our jobs were in jeopardy. In fact, we were constantly being told to focus on our family and not worry about the rest.”

Benefits at CBC include: health, dental and vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, on-site/near-site child care, child-care subsidy, dependent care accounts, long-term care insurance, flextime, compressed workweeks, part-time options, telecommuting, extended leave for childbirth and adoption, phase back for new moms, an employee assistance program, a wellness program and more.


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