Philanthropy Journal Institutes Lunch ’n’ Learn Series


Philanthropy Journal Institutes Lunch ’n’ Learn Series

Lunch 'n' Learn
Karla Williams, expert on donor motivation, talks one-on-one with attendees after the panel.

The Philanthropy Journal brings daily news to its readers online, and it has now found a new forum to bring information to the non-profit sector. The Philanthropy Journal (PJ) recently began hosting a series of Lunch ’n’ Learn workshops to provide educational opportunities for non-profit professionals and board members in the Triangle as well as in the more remote areas of the state where educational resources are not as accessible. Also, the staff hopes to increase PJ’s readership through the Lunch ’n’ Learns, particularly among communities outside the Triangle.

Lunch 'n' Learn
Teena Anderson, vice president of philanthropy services, BB & T Corporation, has a question for the panel.
Lunch 'n' Learn
Barbara Goodmon, president, A.J. Fletcher Foundation, and Dave Hinton, Purple Elephant Computer Factory for KIDS!, talk about funding for non-profits in wake of Katrina.

So far, PJ has held two lunches, one in Greenville and one in Raleigh. Each garnered more than 100 individuals and were well-received. Additional lunches are planned for 2006 in Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville and the Triangle.

The first Lunch ‘n’ Learn, entitled “Fearless Fundraising for You and Your Board,” took place on September 7th in Greenville and featured Gail Perry, principal of Perry and Associations in Raleigh.

The second Lunch ‘n’ Learn addressed the challenges left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Held on October 26th at the IMAX Theater at Exploris museum in Raleigh, “Learning From Katrina” included a panel discussion. Panelists discussed how nonprofits throughout the U.S. must help Gulf Coast evacuees assimilate into local communities and how nonprofits must ask donors who have contributed to Katrina efforts to dig even deeper to tackle local community problems.

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  • PJ Assistant Editor Ret Boney wrote an article about the Learning From Katrina Lunch ‘n’ Learn. For the text of that article, click here.

Thanks to PJ’s Suzie Koonce for the information for this capcom article & to PJ’s Renee Saddler for these capcom photos.

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