WRAL Goes For the Gold

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WRAL Goes For the Gold

First Cameras First Remote Truck
WRAL-TV won the first VHF television license in the Triangle in 1956.

WRAL-TV first went on the air on December 15, 1956. That means that the station’s 50th anniversary is right around the corner. So WRAL is taking a look back in time.

WRAL-TV Documentary Producer Clay Johnson & Documentary Photographer Jay Jennings are in the process of producing a documentary to commemorate WRAL’s golden anniversary. The duo has already interviewed several icons of WRAL’s past, including former on-air talent editorialist Jesse Helms, anchor Charlie Gaddy and weatherman Bob DeBardelaben. Johnson and Jennings will be conducting other interviews and pulling together a myriad of memorabilia for the one-hour special.

In dusting off cobwebs and transferring ancient tape to modern formats, Johnson & Jennings have uncovered a wealth of information about the Triangle’s first VHF station.

Can You Help?
Contact Jay Jennings
at (919) 821-8537 or jjennings@wral.com

If you have any old photos, videotape, film that pertain to WRAL-TV’s 50 years in the Triangle, please contact Jay Jennings. All materials will be returned as soon as possible. Also, if you are in contact with former WRAL employees, or are a former WRAL employee yourself, and have historical information, stories or can put this team in touch with other people in WRAL’s history, please forward that information to Jennings as well.

Thank you for your assistance. Stay tuned as WRAL-TV’s 50th anniversary celebration gets underway.


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