Chinese Delegation Tours WRAL-TV

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Chinese delegation
A delegation of about 35 Chinese men visited WRAL-TV for a tour on November 30th.

CBC hosted a Chinese delegation on Wednesday, November 30, 2005, at WRAL-TV’s studios. CBC VP of Special Projects John Greene and NOW General Manager Sam Matheny hosted the group along with CBC New Media Group Digital Programming Manager John Clark.

Liu Kang of Duke University organized the group of approximately 35 participants. Kang is Director, Program in Chinese Media and Communication Studies, and he is part of the DeWitt Wallace Center for Communications and Journalism, which is within the Sanford Institute of Public Policy.

The group, mostly comprised of national & regional government officials, learned about the American media.

CBC’s John Greene (right) speaks to the group through an interpreter.

The group was predominantly national and regional government officials here to learn about American–style media.  There were a couple of Chinese broadcasters as well.  Some of the participants included:

Gao Changli – Deputy Director of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympics

  • Thao Shouyi – Director General, The State Council Information Office
  • Sun Aiping – Director, The State Council Information Office
  • Xi Yanchun – Vice Director, The State Council Information Office
  • Jeremiah Yao – Director, Information office Henan Provincial People’s Government
  • Liang Fei – Spokesman, Information office Hainan Provincial Government
  • Liu Zhao Bin – Director General, State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection
Chinese delegation
The delegation got an up-close view of the WRAL newsroom.

The group split into two groups to tour the station, with Greene leading one group and Matheny leading the other.  The tour included the newsroom, master control, edit suites, assignment desk, weather center, accounting, traffic, and the studios.  Following the tour the group met in Studio A for a discussion of HDTV, multicasting, datacasting, and video on mobile phones.  The group also talked about the differences between American and Chinese media and how our countries can better communicate with one another.

Sam Matheny
NMG’s Sam Matheny (left) led one of the station tours.

The delegation members were very interested in how news is disseminated in the US and the business of broadcasting in our country in general.  They seemed to have fun in the news room as many posed for pictures at the anchor desk.  

The group was very appreciative of CBC staff time and efforts, and thanked each with a small gift as a token of their appreciation, as well as numerous invitations to come visit China too…perhaps one day, maybe for the Olympics…

Thanks to NMG’s Sam Matheny for this capcom story.

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