Bill Law Announces Retirement From PA Booth

Durham Bulls logo Bill Law Announces Retirement From PA Booth
Bill Law
DBBC Announcer Bill Law says he will retire after the 2006 season.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2006, the Durham Bulls announced Public Address Announcer Bill Law has decided to retire from his public address duties with the Durham Bulls following the 2006 season. Law, who has never missed a game at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park since it opened in 1995, made the announcement at the Hot Stove League Banquet in Raleigh on Monday night.

“As those of you who attend Bulls games on a very regular basis may be aware, on a very few occasions in recent seasons, I have encountered minor difficulties in keeping the throat clear and the voice projected. Front office officials of the team and I have concluded that now is the time to commence a transition to a new day and a new voice at Durham Bulls Athletic Park,” Law said.

“When one engages in a labor of love for so long, he prefers to think that a moment like this will never arrive. Eventually, reality tells you otherwise. I stress, as strongly as I am capable, that the decision was mutual, and that all involved parties have agreed to this solution.”

Law’s career as PA announcer at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park covered a span of almost 1,000 games, including all Durham Bulls, USA Baseball, collegiate, high school and amateur games played at the stadium.

“We will never find another announcer like Bill Law,” Durham Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said, “In this day and age, to have someone so dedicated to their job that they didn’t miss a day in 11 years is truly remarkable.”

Following the 2006 season, Law will serve as an official team ambassador for the Bulls, appearing at events throughout the Triangle on behalf of the team.

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.

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