Yada Contest logo Ever want to write your own comedy?   Well, giddy-up!  It’s time to craft your own punch line – in the FOX Yada Yada Yada Catch Phrase Contest!

FOX 50 (WRAZ-TV) is looking for the most original catch phrase that you’ve contributed to popular culture. 

Log on to and enter your catch phrase online.  You could win six tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld’s sold-out performance in downtown Raleigh on March 10th.  Plus, you’ll be featured in your very own promotional spot saying your catch phrase on FOX 50!

Seinfeld has coined its own lingo.  Watch Seinfeld every weeknight at 7:00 and 11:05 on FOX 50 for a refresher course:

Dou·ble-dip   (dŭb´əl  dĭp) v. – tr.   To redip a chip after biting (a big no-no)
Close Talk·er   (klōs tôk´ər) n. –  One who leaves little space in face-to-face chatter
Low Talk·er   (lō tôk´ər) n. – One who has difficulty reaching an audible level when speaking
Man·fur   (măn fûr) n. – Coat of animal hair worn by the human male
Gid·dy-up!   (gĭd´ē ŭp) – interj. Substitute for “OK, let’s do it!”
Fes ·tiv·us   (fĕs´tĭv ŭs) n. – Proposed nondenominational alternative to Christmas or Hanukkah

Watch Seinfeld weeknights at 7:00 and 11:05 on FOX 50, log on to share your funniest linguistic contribution, and win tickets to see the master comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself!

***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families
are not eligible to win FOX 50 contests.***

Thanks to FOX 50’s Christine Van Cott for this capcom story.

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