POP Times Quotes Microspace in Article

Microspace logo

POP Times logo Microspace Vice President of Sales & Marketing Greg Hurt and Account Manager Greg Weaver were quoted in a recent article in POP Times, the Official News Publication of the In-Store Marketing Institute.

“Every client wants something different,” says Greg Hurt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Microspace Communications Inc., Raleigh, NC, a provider of digital signage networks. For example, he cites a program the company produced for Hollister Co., a southern California lifestyle retailer that erected video screens on two facing walls to show scenic beach views. “They didn’t want any products or branding, they simply wanted to set the tone for their environment.”

“The technology is neat and economical and reliable, but what is being shown is critical to the success of the network,” says Greg Weaver, Manager of Digital Signage at Microspace. “There is no barrier to creating content; the challenge is in understanding what is the right content.”

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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