Goodmons Named as Business Leader of the Year for 2005

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Goodmons Named as Business Leaders of the Year for 2005

Jim & Barbara Goodmon
Jim & Barbara Goodmon, CBC President & CEO and AJFF President, respectively, have been named Business Leader of the Year for 2005.

Business Leader magazine broke with tradition when selecting its Business Leader of the Year for 2005. The publication revealed in its February 2006 issue that it is honoring two individuals, not one. But the individuals work as one, a true team. CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon and his wife, A.J. Fletcher Foundation President Barbara Goodmon, work together in business and in life.

The Goodmons stand back-to-back on the cover of the February Business Leader with the title “It Takes Two” emblazoned across the front. “Two individuals each with their own mission and purpose bonded together by value, principles and commitment,” begins Becky Suzik in her article about the award.

Business Leader cites the Goodmons as having “made remarkable contributions to our community through separate and collaborative business and philanthropy initiatives.” The Business Leader of the Year award “honors a person who has demonstrated the spirit of leadership in business and whose achievements have significantly impacted our community.”

The article chronicles the Goodmons’ life together and the work they do at their respective offices and in the community at large. The award focuses on their drive to give back and make real contributions, taking responsibility for the conditions around them.

Suzik quotes Jim Goodmon as saying, “‘I think every organization—including the individual and the family—should have a concept of charitable giving.’” And Barbara Goodmon agrees. Suzik quotes her as saying, “‘I believe in always having hope,’ explains Barbara. ‘If you have hope for people, you never know when a person will accept a hand-up…not a hand out – I’m not about hand-outs.’”

Business Leader credits the Goodmons with forward-thinking and dedication to human services. Jim Goodmon is also recognized for being an advocate for regionalism and both of them for believing in the need to ask difficult questions to help solve problems in the community.

“‘Happiness is helping other people: being part of making a difference and feeling good when you can make that difference,’” Suzik quotes Barbara Goodmon as saying.

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