Nuestro Barrio Filmed At Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Wednesday

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Nuestro Barrio Filmed At Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Wednesday

Nuestro Barrio filming
The WB drama Nuestro Barrio came to the Durham Bulls on March 1st.

Nuestro Barrio, the popular Spanish-language television drama that airs on the WB on Saturdays, shot scenes at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Wednesday, March 1st from 10:30am until 2:30pm. The show used the Durham Bulls locker room as a set for an upcoming episode scheduled to run in April, 2006.

The scene featured actors David Schifter who plays Dr. Franks and a nurse played by Tina Murphy.

About Nuestro Barrio…
Nuestro Barrio is a new mini-series produced in North Carolina about Hispanic life in the United States. The show uses the popular “telenovela,” or soap opera format but infuses the drama, jealousy, and romance with educational messages.

Nuestro Barrio filming
Nuestro Barrio used the Durham Bulls locker room for its scenes.
Nuestro Barrio filming
The crew shoots a scene with actor David Schifter (left).

North Carolina has the fastest growing Latino population of any state in the nation. So Nuestro Barrio, which translates as “Our Neighborhood”, couldn’t come at a better time. The show addresses important financial issues faced by Hispanic individuals and families living in the United States, including home ownership, credit and predatory lending.

Dilsey Davis, producer and director of the show, refers to Nuestro Barrio as a hybrid. “It isn’t your typical educational video, with informational talking heads, nor is it your typical telenovela, where there is no message or the message is so imbedded in the program that it gets completely overlooked,” she said. “The goal is to find a balance between entertainment and providing useful information.”

CRA-NC, which produces Nuestro Barrio, is currently in talks to distribute the show through television networks across the US. To learn more about the show, visit the official website at

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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