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Both Capitol Broadcasting baseball clubs hold service to the community as one of their main goals and work hard during the on- and off-seasons to make that commitment part of their daily operations. The Durham Bulls and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans recently released their Annual Reports to the Community to share their successes in that arena over the past year.

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The Durham Bulls & the Myrtle Beach Pelicans have released their annual reports to the community.
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“At the ballpark we talk about baseball and fun,” said Pelicans’ General Manager Matt O’Brien of the report. “Games provide a chance to step out of the hustle of life to relax.  Outside of the ballpark, our community service programs are aimed at easing that hustle or enhancing someone’s growth experience.”

The Bulls’ Community Bull-etin featured efforts like Disaster Relief, the new Neighborhood Champions program, the Art of Baseball Calendar – a project in the Durham Public Schools, and the Holiday Food Drive among many others.

“Giving back to the community is a core belief of the Durham Bulls,” said Bulls General Manager Mike Birling. “We have enjoyed tremendous support over the years from fans in the Triangle and it is our responsibility to return that support whenever we can.”

The Pelican Brief outlined many of the Pelicans’ community service activities including their participation in the United Way’s “Day of Caring” renovating a Horry County Shelter Home, Help 4 Kids, their 2 nd annual Pro Am and the Fiesta de Beisbol to celebrate Hispanic fans, just a few of the items in their jam-packed report.

“We look to lead by example on and off the field,” said O’Brien. “If that means reading a book to first graders or raising money for those in need, we’re committed to the community we work in because it’s also the community we live in.”

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