Pelicans’ Chris Ball Heralded By Sun News

Myrtle Beach Pelicans logo
Chris Ball
The Sun News recently featured the Pelicans ground crew headed by MBBC’s Chris Ball.

Things are hopping at Coastal Federal Field in Myrtle Beach as the Pelicans’ 2006 season is now in full swing. The local paper, the Myrtle Beach Sun News, has been covering the season game-by-game and recently published an in depth article entitled “Unsung heroes of Coastal Federal Field.”

This front page piece by Sun News writer Sean Horgan tells the story of the Pelicans’ grounds crew, headed by Director of Field Operations, Chris Ball.

Ball is quoted as saying, “The best part for me is when I look in the stands and I see a father and son sitting there, the kid all covered from his hot dog and soda and cotton candy, and the father explaining to him about the game…And I hear them say something about how nice the field looks. That’s when I feel best about it.”

For the full text of story, visit the link on the Sun News website:

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