Gregory Honored for Service To NCAB

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Ardie Gregory
Ardie Gregory, VP & GM of CBC’s radio divisions, recently received the Earle Gluck Distinguished Service Award from the NCAB.

Ardie Gregory, Vice President & General Manager for WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM and NCNN, received the 2006 Earle Gluck Distinguished Service Award from the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters at their annual convention.

Gregory was honored during the Hall of Fame Reception and Distinguished Service Award Presentation on the evening of Monday, July 17th at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

A member of the NCAB Board of Directors since 2001, Gregory served a term as president in 2004. She is still member of board, serves on numerous committees, and does a myriad of other work for the organization.

“The first DSA award was presented in 1973, and each and every recipient has made a substantial difference in the success and achievements of the NCAB, the broadcast industry in North Carolina, and their own communities,” said Jan Caddell, who presented the award to Gregory. Caddell owns WKSK-AM in West Jefferson, NC, and is a past NCAB president and NCAB Hall of Fame member. “This year’s DSA recipient fits easily into this illustrious group. …To no one’s surprise, Ardie went beyond what was expected.”

During her tenure as NCAB President, Gregory guided the successful implementation of the North Carolina Amber Alert System in North Carolina. She worked with law enforcement, government & emergency management officials, other broadcasters for over two years on the project. During that time she also attended Amber Alert Conferences across the country and many meetings in Raleigh with engineers, administrators and bureaucrats.

“The result of her efforts?” said Caddell. “ North Carolina children are safer than they were before Ardie stepped in – plain and simple. That’s a legacy Ardie, NCAB and all North Carolina broadcasters can be extremely proud of.”

Gregory has worked with Capitol Broadcasting Company for over 22 years, beginning in the Baltimore/Washington market where she managed then-CBC owned stations WWMX and WOCT. She moved to the Triangle in 1998 to take over the helm at WRAL-FM. Gregory launched a new country music station for CBC, WCMC-FM, late last year.

“Ardie is tirelessly dedicated to her staff, her listeners, her industry and her community, and we are all better off for it,” said Caddell. “Congratulations, Ardie.”

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