WRAL-TV & FOX 50 Perform Well in Summer Sweeps

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Ratings WRAL-TV and FOX 50 know why ratings periods are called sweeps. Both stations cleaned up in the July ratings period. WRAL-TV ranked #1 in Persons 25-54, and won all but one time period. FOX 50 is home to the #1 drama in Raleigh and showed growth in several key areas. Both stations dominated the ratings with the WRAL News.

The story begins in newsroom. In July, The WRAL 10pm News on FOX 50 was the top-rated late news in adults ages 18-49, and the highest-rated prime time newscast across all key demos. WRAL-TV won the Morning News (7-9am) for the first time in many years, and WRAL-TV has become the highest rated station in the country running CBS’s morning news in pattern from 7-9am.

WRAL 5-630P News July 2006 Sweeps
M-F/5-630P   HH R/S
WRAL First News (5-530P) 11.6/25
WRAL News (530-6P) 12.1/24
WRAL News (6-630P) 13.7/26
WTVD Eyewitness (5-530P)   5.5/12
WTVD News (530-6P)   6.6/13
WTVD News (6-630P)   8.1/15
WNCN Access Hollywood (5-530P)   1.6/3
WNCN Extra (530-6P)   1.5/3
WNCN News (6-630P)   1.8/3

WRAL-TV’s news won all time slots in which it runs.

The WRAL 7am News on FOX 50, the Triangle’s only local news at 7am showed continued growth. The news program increased 100% in Women 18-49 from a year ago, and increased 114% in Women 25-54 from the same time last year.

And the WRAL 10pm News on FOX 50 jumped 58% in ratings among Adults 18-49 and 48% in Adults 25-54.

When it came to prime time, WRAL-TV and FOX 50 were winners. WRAL-TV pulled a 6.5 household (HH) rating and 11 share in Monday – Sunday prime time, beating out both WTVD (4.0HH/7 share) and WNCN (3.9 HH/7 share). FOX 50 drew huge ratings with the drama “House.” The program ranked as the #1 drama in Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54, Women 18-34, and as the #1 program for Adults 18-49, Women 18-49, Women 25-54.

“[The] July 2006 book marks the 55th consecutive rating period that WRAL was # 1 in Persons 25-54. This is close to 14 years STRAIGHT!” said WRAL-TV Research Director/Media Buyer Gary Galloway. “This is absolutely unheard of in today’s day and age.”

Other WRAL News July 2006 Sweeps
Early AM News (5-6am)   HH R/S   AM News (6a-7a)   HH R/S
WRAL 3.5/18   WRAL-TV   7.2/25
WTVD   3.3/17   WTVD   5.2/18
WNCN   1.1/5   WNCN   1.8/7
Late News (M-S 11p-1130p)   HH R/S   Noon News   HH R/S
WRAL   9.5/18   WRAL (12p-1p)   7.6/21
WTVD   6.4/12   WTVD (12-12:30p)   4.2/11
WNCN   2.6/5  
Prime Time News Comparison
    RA 18-49

RA 25-54

WRAL 10p News on FOX 50   3.8 4.3
WRAL News 11   3.5 4.8
WTVD Eyewitness 11p   3.1 4.0
WNCN NBC-17 News 11   1.6 1.9
WLFL Eyewitness 10   1.0 1.0

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Gary Galloway & FOX 50’s Gerald Belton for this capcom sweeps info.

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