Microspace and WJZY Join Forces For Liveshot Studio

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Microspace and WJZY Join Forces For Liveshot Studio
CBC Divisions Working Together

Microspace studio at WJZY
Microspace now has its own liveshot facility at the WJZY studios in Charlotte.

Thanks to collaboration between Microspace in Raleigh and WJZY-TV in Charlotte, CBC’s satellite services provider now has the ability to do liveshots from the Queen City. This has been made possible by the recent addition of a broadcast quality fiber link between WJZY’s studio and Microspace’s C and Ku band uplink facilities in Raleigh.

By utilizing WJZY’s facilities, Microspace can provide its clients with one camera liveshots and, with advance notice, multi-camera production. Clients may also play out their video on DVC Pro and Beta SP. Digi-Beta is also available with advanced notice. Three different Charlotte skyline backdrops are available.

Charlotte is the latest addition to Microspace’s network of interconnected studios in most major cities across the state. This growing network allows Microspace to bring in live content for its clients.  

Microspace studio at WJZY
WJZY’s Dan Kerby tries out the “anchor” spot at the new studio desk.

“The addition of WJZY’s studio was a natural outgrowth of our desire to grow a ‘web’ of venues across NC that eliminates the need for our clients to hire satellite trucks,” said MCC Video Services Senior Account Manager Bonnie Southard. “Charlotte is a major banking and professional sports center without many commercial avenues for satellite distribution. Broadcast quality fiber and remote switching centers enable us to reach across geographic boundaries, receive our customer’s content and retransmit domestically or internationally on fiber or satellite.”

Microspace’s liveshot production process has been greatly enhanced by its Expert Resource Network. Launched in October 2005, the Expert Resource Network makes it possible for professors from top universities such as Wake Forest, Duke, East Carolina and several other campuses of the University of North Carolina to be interviewed remotely by leading broadcast and cable networks who are seeking experts to comment on breaking news stories. The combined resources of Microspace, Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Telecom and the North Carolina Regional Educational Network’s technology enables such individuals to appear on live news broadcasts around the country without the need for satellite trucks to be on location.

Microspace studio at WJZY
Microspace uses its liveshot capabilities along with its Expert Resource Network.

Microspace streamlined the Expert Resource Network by offering an online directory of hundreds of experts who are qualified to speak on an endless number of topics. Microspace clients can go straight to these databases, contact the expert, arrange for the connected studio space and book their transmission with Microspace.  

The first CBC owned liveshot studio outside of Raleigh was WILM, the CBS affiliate in Wilmington.   Other locations with studios that are linked to Microspace by broadcast quality fiber or microwave include: 

  • Duke Recording Studios
  • Trailblazer Production Studios
  • Smith Breeden Financial
  • Wake Forest University Medical Center
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • East Carolina University
  • UNC-Greensboro
  • ACC Media Headquarters
  • North Carolina Agency for Public Telecommunications
  • UNC-Wilmington
  • North Carolina A&T

And Microspace has a liveshot studio at its own headquarters on Highwoods Blvd.

Microspace is also connected to major sports venues such as the RBC Center, Dean Smith Center, Cameron Indoor, Bobcats Arena, Lowes Motor Speedway, and Greensboro Coliseum. 

News outlets across the nation utilize this network, including customers such as Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Raycom, the Weather Channel, MSNBC, and many more.

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