The Fairy Tale Continues

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The Fairy Tale Continues
Evans Wins Game in Final Seconds While Father Calls Game

Daniel Evans Post-game interview
NCSU Quarterback Daniel Evans takes a spot behind the microphone, a familiar place his Dad, Johnny Evans.

Not even Hollywood could create a tale more endearing and riveting than NC State football fans have watched this fall.   Wolfpack radio network color analyst Johnny Evans sat in the press box as his son Daniel stepped in at quarterback two weeks ago against Southern Mississippi.  Head Coach Chuck Amato put the player in during the fourth quarter.  The younger Evans’ performance in those minutes earned him the starting QB slot in the Boston College game last Saturday, Sept 24th.  And no movie script could’ve created a more memorable last minute come-from-behind win to upset the nation’s No. 20 team.

Daniel Evans & Mom
A Family Affair: Daniel Evans gets a hug from his Mom after his game-winning performance.

The elder Evans, a celebrated quarterback at NC State two decades ago, was already nervous about his son’s big debut.  “I’m going to have to stay focused and disciplined on the task at hand, which is broadcasting the game,” said Johnny Evans.  “I think if I had the freedom to wander around and pace, it would make it even more nervous.”

Daniel Evans performed respectably throughout the game, but the Pack trailed BC 10-15 by the final minute of the game.  His dad was already wrapping up the game, tabulating his son’s final stats saying, “I believe you will see improvement from this point on.”  Some Wolfpack fans were leaving their seats.

Then Evans and his offensive line got a last minute chance to take the field with 46.5 seconds left on the clock.  To make what seemed an agonizingly long story short, Evans connected with John Dunlap for a touchdown with about 20 seconds left to play.  Carter-Finley Stadium went crazy.

Listen to the Evans-Evans Interview during the Wolfpack-BC post game coverage.

Parents’ Day took on an all new meaning for Johnny Evans as he interviewed his son after game, his job in the scheme of things.  “Why do you sound so much calmer than your old man?’ he quipped towards the conclusion of the interview.

Stay tuned to the Wolfpack Radio Network for the next chapter in this fairy tale as the Pack takes on Florida State at home on Thursday, October 5th at 7:30pm.

For more audio from the game, click here.

Thanks to NCSU’s Peyton Williams for these capcom photos.

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